Sóbarlang hipertónia. Ellenjavallatok

Miért érdemes kisgyermekkel kipróbálni a sószobát, sóhomokozót?

A táv normál tempó mellett akár másfél — két óra alatt teljesíthető, mindeközben élvezve a vadregényes környezet nyújtotta látványt és a friss levegőt. Az ösvény a Bükk hegység, és a harsányi halastavak között kanyarog végig, amelyet teljesítve a halőrházhoz érkezve lehetőséget biztosít az ott található vendéglátóhelyiségben, büfében megpihenni és pótolni az elvesztett energiát.

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The proximity of lush, green forests and mountains provides a fresh and crystal clean air and healing quiet to the town. The village - which has managed to preserve a lot of beauty, values and traditions - offers several forms of active rest to its visitors which promise complete regeneration physically, mentally and spiritually, as well.

Szauna, sószoba, gyógyvizes melegvíz kezelt magas vérnyomással..

The salt from Praid has the best quality in the world and it has been attracting those wishing to undertake a cure from all over Europe for centuries.

In the spacious cellar branch sóbarlang hipertónia magical underground world is made attractive for the children by a playground. It is recommended in case of eczema and acne-prone skin with                   blackheads. Under such circumstances, the dust particles, microbes, pollen and fungi are precipitated on the floor and the walls, due to the water vapor settling on them, and, on the other hand, the diameter of the particles floating is increased by this water vapor, therefore they adhere already to the mucosa of the upper section of sóbarlang hipertónia respiratory system, from the inhaled air.

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During inhalation the air warms up, its relative humidity becomes reduced and it can become saturated with water vapor again. During exhalation air saturated with water vapor is exhausted from the lungs and this process leads to the dilution of the sticky bronchial mucus. The negatively charged ions submitted by the salt have a positive effect on the respiratory tract, respiratory diseases, nerve pain, high blood pressure and against rheumatism.

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The bioenergy of the salt crystals circulating to the left has an effect on the kidneys, nerves, the hormonal processes of the body, slowing the aging process, blood detoxification and strengthening the nervous system. In case of prevention cleaning and maintenance: 10 occasions once a year, in weeks In case of disease treatments: occasions depending on character and severity, used on a daily basis but at least times a week. It can be repeated any number of times per year.

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The treatment of diseases is effective only in the form of a cure. However, at the same time we must bear in mind that the stay in the cellar is similar to cave therapy, therefore it should be kept in mind when determining the contraindications.

Tényleg működik a sóterápia?

If you are still unsure whether you can use the salt treatment applied in the cellar or not, please turn to your doctor to clarify the question as each case needs may need a unique judgement.

The history of Praid is carved in salt. From among the salt mines of Transylvania, sóbarlang hipertónia is the one in which the largest-scale underground therapeutic treatment takes place in the field of healing of chronic respiratory diseases.

Sóbarlang építés Dombóváron - Pappszauna

Each year more thanpatients find here a possibility of recovery, with amazing results. From this sóbarlang hipertónia gold, the healing Székely salt we sent a brotherly part to Harsány, in order to make you feel the healing air of Székely Land over a long time.